Lixouri 28200 Kefalonia – Ionian Islands – Greece
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Lavender: is for lovers true,
Which evermore be faine,
Desiring always for to have
Some pleasure for their paine:
And when that they obtained have
The love that they require,
Then have they all their perfect joie
And quenched is the fire

Clement Robinson, 1584

Why Lavender

It stands for the fragrance of our home, Kefalonia. It stands for the earthiness and romance in this place’s aura. We grew up with it. It has become a part of us, its colors as a background of our most important moments. It has this beautiful nostalgia to it that we could find no other word to express ourselves!

Who We Are

We are Manos, Katerina and Marianna. We have known and admired each other for a very long time (Manos and Katerina so much so that they have a family together!).
It only felt natural for us to come together as a team and combine our very different strengths with our very identical passion: The creation of unique events!
The fact that none of us comes from the same background or has the same experience as the other is actually our strength! We found that together we create an excellent balance, motivation or at times holding the other’s back.

A Few Words About Us


The brains of the company. Your finance Planner, Manos has a big heart, a big personality and is your guy for anything that has to do with logistics and economics. His studies in business administration and finance along with his experience as a wedding planner in Athens, Koufonisia and Kefalonia, will help you draw your budget, find solutions and make anything work! His big smile, warm manners and problem solving nature guarantee that you will feel safe from day one!


Do not let her sweet manners and quite voice fool you! Katerina is a force to be reckoned with. Her long experience in a big Pharmaceutical company as a chemical analyst and in Wedding planning later on in her life has skyrocketed her already excellent organizational skills. She will make sure you are always on track; within deadlines and that everything runs smoothly. She deeply cares and that is something you can feel in your heart.


The creative one. What she lacks in discipline she makes up for with ideas, decoration and attention to your style and detail. She is the one you talk to about colors, fabrics, lights, flowers, anything that will make your day exactly as you want it to be. Her vast experience in event planning in Santorini and Kefalonia with a portfolio to be jealous of, is the perfect wedding planner for you!