Lixouri 28200 Kefalonia – Ionian Islands – Greece
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Kefalonia A Dream Location In Greece being deeply loved gives you STRENGTH; loving deeply gives you COURAGE Lao Tzu Your roots have so entwined together that is it inconceivable that you should ever part Captain Corelli's Mandolin Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work Peter Drucker

We are proud of our home. How wouldn’t we be?


Kefalonia Weddings are pure magic and we turn them into a fairy tale!

Kefalonia is one magical place

where the most stunning green meets the deep turquoise and the steep cliffs give way to the heavenly beaches. The proud gem of Greece will take your Greece wedding to a whole new level.

It is one magical place where tradition meets luxury, where serenity and liveliness coexist, where your Kefalonia wedding can find its perfect background.

What is your vision?

Exchanging vows on a white Kefalonian beach with sand between your toes? Committing to each other on a cliff top with the most breathtaking views behind you?

The Kefalonia wedding destination has it all.

Quaint chapels, picturesque villages, rustic olive groves, gorgeous vineyards, traditional taverns, luxurious villas, romantic lakes, historical breathtaking ruins, contemporary beach bars, quaint lighthouses.

Our own Greek island paradise, Kefalonia, can make your dream wedding come true, whatever that is. Any of these spots will make your Kefalonia wedding simply unique.

It is not your everyday Greece Wedding.

This is something special, with unique flavors, sights, colors, senses. This is a Kefalonia Wedding!

Take your guests on a boat ride with a hidden beach as your wedding destination.

Be amazed by the wonders of nature in an underground lake that reminds you that we are human and love is the most important thing.

Make a Kefalonia holiday for everyone, relaxing, enjoying incredible food, taking adventures.

Make your Kefalonia Wedding a day to remember, not only for you, but for all your loved ones.

Make your Kefalonia Wedding an experience, an adventure, a fairy tale.

Make your Kefalonia Wedding yours.

We are here, ready to show you the most unique spots for a Kefalonia wedding, your own destination.

A Kefalonia Wedding has some elements that make it more special than a Greece wedding.

Kefalonia is like no other place! It combines serenity with drama! Jaw dropping views with cute little villages.

A Kefalonia Wedding can be anything you want it to be. Your Kefalonia Wedding can express you.

Your Kefalonia wedding can BE you.

Our philosophy

Beyond Kefalonian, we are Greek. That means that we inherently have two things: Hospitality and “philotimo”. The Greek word for the deep sense of pride for anything we do.

That means that your Kefalonia wedding and your Greek holiday is in safe hands with us.

We will make sure you feel pampered, comfortable, at home. Because this is our home and we try to give the very best of Kefalonia in any event we undertake.

We select the very best of our island through a network of incredible vendors, whom we feel like family.

From your cake to your flowers and from the food to the music, be prepared to meet the most amazing Greeks who share the exact same philosophy as us.