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Wedding Types

Each couple is different. That means that each Kefalonia Wedding is different, with different needs and ways to make it happen.

There are those couples who want to keep everything simple, not having to deal with legalities.

There are others for whom religion plays an important role in their lives and they need that to be reflected in their Kefalonia Wedding.

There are others who wish to do it all, properly. To live every second of it, with all its troubles.

And there are those who only care about their love for one another.

Talk to us. Let us figure you out, guide you, assist you and create for you the Kefalonia wedding that reflects who you are.

Symbolic Wedding

Your Symbolic wedding is the one you have at your favorite spot, be it a beach, a villa, a chapel or anything else you have selected. It is the one witnessed by all the people you love. It is the one where our professional celebrant will perform amazing readings for you and have you exchange your vows of eternal love and rings. It is the one you will remember forever though your amazing photos! And if you do not want to, your guests do not even have to know it is not the legal one! You will be pronounced husband and wife and you will sign a lovely memorabilia certificate after all.

Civil Wedding

The legalities and documentation process of a wedding in Greece may sound difficult but they do not have to be. Let us guide you through the official parts of a Kefalonia wedding and get you internationally married. Our team’s experience and good connections with professionals and town halls will make the entire process easy for you. We will be there through every Apostille stamp and translation needed. Keep in mind that by Greek law, all civil weddings need to be performed in a town hall, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, in morning hours, with two witnesses present. And one more tip: You do not need to be here for a specific number of days before your Kefalonia Wedding. That is just a myth!

Catholic Wedding

There is a beautiful Catholic church in Kefalonia, St. Nicholas. It is located right in the heart of the capital city, Argostoli and guaranteed a stunning Kefalonia wedding. Bless your new lives together as husband and wife in an English speaking ceremony, under the mesmerizing sound of the organ playing. Have your guests live every moment of it in the most wonderful way. Please note that for a Catholic wedding in Greece to take place, both of you need to be of Christian faith and at least one needs to be Catholic. Your parish at home will need to play an important role in your wedding as well, as they will prepare you for the event to come.

Orthodox Wedding

The very essence of Kefalonia weddings. Our island has numerous stunning churches, with amazing architecture and stunning views. Have your crowning, your ring exchange and walk around the table and live every moment of it. We are delighted to say that parts of the ceremony can also take place in English, for all of your guests to be able to understand. Please note that for an Orthodox wedding in Greece to take place, both of you need to be of Christian faith and at least one needs to be Orthodox. Let us guide you through it all and enjoy the traditions of Greece with us. A pure Wedding in Greece!!

Same Sex Wedding

Let us create the Kefalonia Wedding of a lifetime for you. Share your dream and let us make it come true. State your love for one another in the magical way you had always imagined it. In Greece, same sex couples sign the cohabitation agreement, instead of a marriage certificate, but hopefully things will change soon. That is why for foreign couples only a symbolic ceremony can happen. Exchange vows of everlasting love and loyalty and remember these moments forever! Isn’t Kefalonia the spot you have always imagined for this?

Cultural Wedding

Tradition is always important and the couples who wish to uphold theirs are always our favorite. Your Kefalonia Wedding does not have to be all the way Greek, the music does not have to be just the Zorba and the ceremony can always be adjusted to who you are. We, as a team, have vast experience in Lebanese, Persian, Hindu and other types of cultural weddings. And we always want to learn about more traditions and customs of the world. Share what is important to you and we will make it happen!

Renewal of Vows

You got married a long time ago and you still love each other more every day. Perhaps you wish to say the same vows for you children and the new people in your lives to hear. Perhaps you just want to look into each other’s eyes and promise again that you will be there for each other no matter what. Whatever the reason, how could we not stand by you through such a romantic and deep event? And what better place to do it, other than the amazing Kefalonia?


Here at Lavender we are hopeless romantics. If you are the kind of couple that is so in love that they do not care about having big festivities and lots of guests, then Lavender is just the team for your Kefalonia elopement. We will make it all about you and your deep rooted love for one another. Everything will be picture perfect in the most stunning scenery. And as for the legalities, we will be more than happy to be your witnesses!