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Our team of professionals is here to make sure you have the best quality of services, as well as arranging all necessary details for an event that will exceed your expectations. No matter how big or small, we are here to make your dreams come true. As Peter Drucker once said, “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” This is another strong element of our event planning team, ‘hard work’.


Each baptism, Orthodox or Catholic, is the first official celebration of a person’s name, faith, existence. This makes us undertake each event bearing in mind that the little person celebrating is indeed a very important person. From the general decorative concept to each single flower arrangement and from the invitations to the favors, we always pour our soul in what we do.

We always try to create an environment as unforgettable as possible. An environment as unique as the new, bright start it represents. From arranging the church to decorating and from designing the theme to the party, we make sure every detail is perfect for your guests to honor your little angel!

The Lavender planning team knows how important welcoming a new family member into the Christian faith can be. Therefore, we always strive to meet the highest of expectations.


You’ve been together enough to know your partner is “the one”. You cannot imagine your life without them. You have thought about it and you are sure: You are going to propose! Of course, your better half needs to be proposed to in the most magical way possible! And trust as, the location is important! A cliff with stunning sunset view? A romantic dinner right on the beach? In the middle of an underground lake with the most amazing light? It needs to be perfect!

That is how you get a “yes” and a moment to remember forever! Our Planning team is here to offer ideas and ways for them to be swiped off their feet! From the location, to the dinner and from the flowers to the musicians or photographer.

Share your vision and let us make your Kefalonia proposal come true!

Pre or Post Wedding events

The official wedding ceremony and reception can be full of intense emotions. However, the pre- and post-wedding events are the time to relax, have fun, shake off any anxiety and reward your guests for the effort to travel and celebrate your special day.

Pre wedding event will make sure everyone feels comfortable, that they get to know each other and break the ice. They are the way for you to get in the mood and start feeling the festive atmosphere around you. You are getting married! How about a boat tour? A wine tasting at a gorgeous vineyard? Or even better, how about a stag/hen party? Just let us know!


“Parties”, our favorite type of event! We love parties!

Our Lavender Planning team can arrange from a lounge event with a nibble and a drink to the most outrageous, cosmopolitan club feeling! Just girls enjoying a carefree night? A cultural event like a Mehndi? The loud celebration of a graduation or retirement? A Greek feast with Zorba dancing and plate smashing or a more quiet night at a villa overlooking the Ionian sea?

Say the word and we will make a night for your guests to remember! From drinks to the DJ, everything will be simply perfect! You deserve it, after all! Your own Kefalonian party!


Greece is a magical place, it has countless idyllic spots all over the country, perfect for unforgettable Honeymoons. This is so true since, Santorini is the world’s number one destination for Honeymoons and a Santorini Wedding is what most dream of. Trust us;

Kefalonia is even better! It is an unexploited and unexplored gem, with amazing romantic and unforgettable spots! Let our wedding planning team provide you with the opportunity to explore and experience this unique island! Make your honeymoon vacation a trip to remember!

Impeccable accommodation options, stunning candle-lit dinner spots, amazing tours designed for two. And trust us, you will want to repeat this trip on every single anniversary!

Corporate Events

Some say that business and pleasure don’t go together. Lavender & Weddings can prove them wrong. Our Event Planning team can ideally combine both.

We can provide you with high quality services by finding the perfect venue for your corporate event needs, as well as arranging all necessary details from day one. All necessary conference services are easy to arrange for us, along with group bonging activities to give all participants a chance to relax and enjoy the island as well. Pleasure is a “synonym” of Kefalonia, after all.

Our experience combined with our deep knowledge of Kefalonia and its beauty will guarantee the perfect match.