Lixouri 28200 Kefalonia – Ionian Islands – Greece
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To mark the beginning of a lifetime as a married couple, to choose the correct accommodation is essential. It will set the mood for your new life together. As for your guests, they need to be pampered and enjoy every minute of their stay.

Our Wedding Planning team can advise and arrange accommodation that will fulfill your expectations.

From Luxurious pool villas and Hotel Resorts to rental apartments or villas. Or maybe even combine your accommodation with your venue? That is always a good idea. What is it that you need? Privacy? A block of rooms for your guests to stay together?

We will provide the best possible solutions, for all kinds of events, for you and your quests in on one of the most scenic islands in Greece.

Getting to the venue and then back to the hotel at the end of the night? Getting everyone from the airport to your accommodation?

Transportation arrangements can be a nightmare. Let us take care of it for you. Coaches, VIP mini buses or simply taxis?

Our team of professionals will make all your trips comfortable and safe.

Our island is a big one, full of amazing spots to discover and explore. A rental vehicle, be it a car or a scooter is an absolute must in order to experience it to the fullest.

Let us assist you! High level of service is our moto, therefore we cooperate with the best and most reliable car rentals that can fulfil all your needs.

The process is made easy, comfortable and the vehicles you will hire are always of top quality. They are Lavender approved after all.

We are a concierge service! We love challenges!

What do you have in mind? A charter yacht? A team of dancers? A good restaurant? A private chef? A private tour of the island?

Anything you have in mind we can do. Let us spoil you with the best services, meeting any of your needs to perfection!



The Days, The Hours, The Moments on this Island matter. It is a place that needs to be explored. You need to breathe every single moment in. Don’t waste any second of it;

Let the Lavender Planning team make your wedding in Greece, your wedding in Kefalonia a lifelong memory. Remembered not only because of a wedding day, but for the entire stay.

Give your guests an amazing vacation, an amazing experience, therefore, a wedding that they will never forget!!

Get to know Kefalonia by visiting an amazing variety of extraordinary landmarks and attractions. The award winning Myrtos beach, the breathtaking village of Assos, the incomparable Melissani lake, the glamorous Fiscardo.

These are the most famous ones. Let us show you the other side as well. The one with the overwhelming sunset, the unique red sand, the clay hills.

Come with us and meet, locals, drink the most amazing wine, taste the most delicious food. Come with us and live the true Kefalonian experience.


There’s no shortage of gorgeous coastlines in Greece, but Myrtos Beach is the alpha and omega of must-visits. Flanked on either side by mountains, this mile-and-a-half of shoreline is the true Ionian jewel. First, stop on the hill over it. Take it all in. One of the world’s most amazing views is before your eyes. Then feel the sand between your toes. Dive in the turquoise waters and feel the cool Ionian water on your skin. Paradise, right?


The Lake Cavern of Melissani is a unique geological phenomenon located 2 km northwest of Sami and was created by the collapse of a section of roof. It is not surprising that Melissani Cave has a history full of myths and legends. And above all, romance. They say that it took its name from the nymph Melisanthi, who drowned herself in its waters, because of her unfulfilled love for the god Dionysus. Fact and fantasy going hand in hand here. You shouldn’t miss visiting the Cave of Melissani, a memorable sight that leaves one in awe. Why not even tie the knot in there?


Assos village seems to be lost in time and gives off an almost mystical atmosphere. The basic original traditional Ionian architecture is retained, giving it its picturesque looks. It is adorably quaint while the modern feel is gentle and slight, enough though to pleasantly surprise all visitors. Built amphitheatrically around the homonymous peninsula, it is surrounded by luscious green scenery and verdant forests. Ideal for a stroll, lunch and the most amazing photos.


The picturesque, cosmopolitan, world famous fishing village of Fiskardo is a beautiful spot on the northern coast of Kefalonia. It is the most “jet-set” area of Kefalonia and can make your Kefalonia wedding more glamorous. Despite its cosmopolitan profile, the architectural tradition of the island is kept unaffected. That is what makes it so unique and beautiful. Hire a traditional villa among the stunning green, over the turquoise waters and live your dream Kefalonia Wedding there.


The peninsula of Paliki. Our own home. Our favorite place on the most stunning island. So different, so unique, so amazing. Long, red beaches, amazing olive groves, gorgeous vineyards. So much to see, to feel, to taste, to touch. And most of all: The sunset! Being the outmost west spot of Greece, the sun diving into the horizon can move even the most composed among us. Explore the quaint Lixouri and live memorable experiences. Friendly and hospitable locals. Stunning spots. Why not make this your Kefalonia Wedding Venue?

On a fair day, when the water is clear and blue and the weather is nice (pretty much everyday here!), taking a spin around the island on a boat is unbeatable.

Kefalonia has various coves, inlets, and secluded beaches just waiting to be explored. Either by sailing or motor boat, travel somewhere out of the way for some swimming and a barbecue away from the crowds.

Let us arrange an unforgetable cruise for you! be it a pre-wedding event, an after day or even the day of the wedding itself, your guests will have a experience to thank you for.

A rocky coastline and at spots safe waters make Kefalonia one of the best islands in Greece for scuba diving.

Dive into the crystal clear waters of Kefalonia and enjoy the amazing scenery of drop-offs, caverns, wrecks! Swim trough and experience the abundance of colorful marine life.

Popular dives include the Temple Cave in Fiscardo, the Blue Canyon in Lassi, the Catacombs and the shipwreck of the World War II Italian Ardena.

Ever thought of proposing you your soulmate under water? An amazing idea for adventurous couples!

Get off the usual Tourist Trail! Let us show you an alternative way to discover Kefalonia and provide your guests with an idyllic excursion.

A Jeep Safari can be an unforgettable experience since you can visit archaeological sites, old villages, ancient ruins, various caves, ancient tombs and pre-earthquake architecture.

Drive through vineyards and olive groves, see the National Park and its black fir tree forests to the top of Mount Ainos where you will have breathtaking 360 degree views of Kefalonia and the nearby island of Ithaki, Lefkas, Zakynthos.

Why not even look for the rare wild horses of the mount Ainos? That is one amazing experience. Perhaps the best way to start the adventure of your new lives together with a literal adventure!

Sea kayaking is the perfect way to enjoy some of the inaccessible beaches of Kefalonia and see places of unique beauty! Spots that you would never see on a conventional tour!

The diversity and sheer magnificence of the Kefalonian coastline make Sea Kayaking a ‘must do’ while you visit our Island. A sunset kayak stroll can be simply magnificent!

Hop in the kayak and let your senses guide you to the most amazing sights.